Sign Services

At Lighting Service, Inc. all of our technicians are certified, so you know you have qualified individuals working on your facility. Lighting Service, Inc. specializes in maintenance and repair of all building, pylon, and monument commercial and industrial signage


“Lighting Service, Inc. has experience installing and maintaining
all types of signs, including florescent, neon and LED!”


Many companies rely on outdoor signage to let customers know where they are and what the do. As one of your company’s strongest marketing tools, you want to make sure that your signs are well illuminated and in good working condition.


By scheduling regular maintenance calls, you can rest assured knowing that your signs are operating at an optimized level, even while you’re away from the facility.

We can troubleshoot and repair any issues with your facility’s signs, making sure your business is always well lit, safe, and secure.

As technology changes and gives you even more ways to advertise your business, the signs we use are getting more technically advanced. Since our technicians qualified to work on any neon, LED or internally lit signs, you know you have the very best people working on your facility.

For more information on the services we offer and how we can service your facility. contact us at or call 314-428-0800.