Outdoor Lighting Services

At Lighting Service, Inc. all of our technicians are certified, so you know you have qualified individuals working on your facility. Our outdoor services include parking lot lighting, HID lighting, security lights, wall packs, lighting/timing controls, sign installation and maintenance. With a fleet of bucket trucks at our disposal, we are confident we will met your outdoor lighting needs.

“Lighting Service, Inc. specializes in a number of outdoor services to make sure the exterior of
your building is safe and secure, even at night!”

Our trucks reach up to 60 ft. to service your entire facility.

In addition to our bucket/boom truck services, we also have a fully stocked fleet of vans waiting to serve you. We offer on demand service so that when you discover lighting problems, you can call and we coordinate with you to be on site within 24 to 48 hours.

Upon discovering outages, our technician or electrician will make immediate repairs. For more complex or costly repairs, we work with you to deliver cost estimates and schedule return service work. This results in increased levels of safety for your facility, merchandise and employees.

Avoid the unexpected and costly emergency repair work by signing up for our Exterior Lighting Maintenance Program!


Photography by Allen Kren

Exterior Lighting Maintenance Programs

Lighting Service, Inc. offers a number of programs that can help you monitor your facility, take the guess work out of facility maintenance, and repair outages with your approval. To find out more about programs that can help make your facility more efficient, safe and secure, click on the “Online Service Request” link above or you can contact us by E-mail at sales@lightingserviceinc.com.

For more information on how Lighting Service, Inc. can brighten your day, call us at (314) 428-0800 or e-mail us at sales@lightingserviceinc.com.